October 16th, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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I was near exhaustion by the time I got home, last night, because I'd gotten dozens of pages overnight. Luckily, the day was relatively easy. Thank goodness.

Over the last several days, I dumped two books that I wasn't enjoying. The first was a book with two novels packed into one cover, by Richard Woodman. The two novels were The Guineaman and The Privateersman. I'm just not willing to read books where I can't get into the character, any more. Then, I tried to read an alternate history book about the Soviets invading Western Europe immediately after Germany fell in WWII, called A Damn Fine War by Bill Yenne. Again, I couldn't get into the character that the author was pushing forward. Too bad.

I also read two comic books this week, the first being The Unwritten #18, which was much better than the last one, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #16, which is still doing a good job keeping my interest.

And the beeper goes off again...