November 8th, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the weekend, I finished reading another novel set in Tekumel, the world invented by M. A. R. Barker, for the game Empire of the Petal Throne. This novel, written by the game's author, is called Lords of Tsamra, and it reads like a game campaign. The characterizations are limited, at best, and the writing is choppy. For someone who enjoys the game, this might be a good piece of work, but it isn't great literature, and it isn't great fantasy, for that matter.

Yesterday, I got out to work rather early, because we had a lot of things to do in the afternoon and evening, and I didn't want to get stuck at home. We aren't even deeply into flu season, and we're running with more patients in the hospital than I've ever seen for our group. This is good for our balance of payments (assuming that Medicare actually pays us, that is...), but not good for the patients. I need to be more aggressive about making sure that they are keeping up with routine maintenance issues.

Anyway, I got home fairly early, and I could see the dinosaur in the backyard. I guess it's too cold for an African Spiked Tortoise, even here in SoCal, and so we ended up bringing the critter into the house, in a plastic container, because these reptiles can apparently dig through dry wall, and we don't really want to have to pay for house repairs for rescuing it. Still, no one is claiming a missing tortoise, and so it looks like we'll have to find a proper home for him. Lino. And, no, we're not keeping him. Don't make that face, dearest_b!

We got out on the road fairly early, since there were rumors of an incoming rainstorm, and we didn't want to get trapped in a traffic snarl. This did mean that we could stop and see Randy's new line of clothing (the Handy Randy line) on display at The Warehouse in Echo Park. Some neat things, each piece individualized with appliques and paint spatters. I think there might be a web site relating to this line, but I don't happen to have the URL; sorry. They had appetizers, drinks, and Randy's band, Rushin' Draggin', played with Randy singing, and doing the whole rock star flamboyance on stage. Very cool.

We couldn't stay long, just long enough to hear and watch the first song, because we had our duties at Dungeonmaster, so we thanked Hettie for inviting us, waved at the busy singer on stage, and drove on to the show.

Once again, a very good house for the show; the audiences have been solid for this whole season, and we're delighted to see them having a good time. The show was a bit of a turn-around, with a Drow as guide, and the party supposed to be EVIL. I'll write a synopsis when I have time. I wish I knew what had happened in the last episode, as there were a few comments on stage about things that had happened before. (forestcats? Perhaps, when you have time? Or anyone else out there who saw the show???) The players were right on for the most part, and they were stimulating the audience very well. Great show!

Although we tried to get folks to go to Umami Burger, which has a restaurant only a few blocks from House of Pies, so it wasn't a geographic thing, someone insisted on the latter place, and back we went. Oh, well. Maybe next time? Turns out that they do have a shop on Hollywood Blvd., half a block east of Vermont, so it's close to the same region. *Sigh*.

As we headed back into the Inland Empire, it was just starting to rain; we outran the rain, and it was dry at home. However, right now, it's raining fairly hard, so it's going to be one of those days. I have lots of hospital patients to see at four hospitals, plus two subacute units, and then a new admission to a nursing home. Hopefully, I'll be home, warm and dry, not too late at night.