November 22nd, 2010

Dead Dog Cat

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I got out of the house relatively early, and ran around to four hospitals, taking me into mid-afternoon. Then, home, we loaded up the truck, and headed to Dungeonmaster.

I decided that my collection of bokken, boffers, and assorted other faux weapons I would donate to the show, with only the one exception. That included the three weapons that were made for me for the original Dungeonmaster shows back in Chicago in the 80s. For the most part, these items were just sitting in our house, gathering dust. I finally accepted that they would get more use if they were passed on to the show, a real benefit. Now, the props department has a fair number of weapons, certainly enough to equip everyone who needs one, but adding more allows the party to be equipped with a variety; better than all having a copy of the same sword. Anyway, I gave 'em up.

We had a terrific audience for the show, which was delightful for the cast. A group of folks came dressed in full Viking/Gaulish armor, and several of their members spent time on stage, which was cool. There was a lot of laughter, which was good to hear. Unfortunately, as I was on call, my beeper pulled me away several times, and my recollection of the show was at best disjoint, so I'm once again not going to be able to write a recap. Sorry.

Afterward, it was House of Pies, again. I'm going to have to stop ordering meals there, because my burger was nearly raw. Feh. OTOH, after we'd been sitting there for a while, in walks a young woman we've known for years, and she greets forestcats. This woman (LC) used to be on LJ, though I can't at the moment remember what her handle used to be. Anyway, we haven't seen her in several years; she's finished college, spent time out of her parents' home, and had to move back due to the economy. It was nice to catch up, and we wished her very well.

Home. Collapse. Awaken to beeper a couple of times. A bit of time online, and I'll be off to work presently.