January 24th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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Today was the quilt show, and my beloved is the chieftain of the takedown crew. It's the ninth year that she's run this, and today was proof as to why it's so. Twenty-six people showed up to help out, and we had the whole show down in less than a hour; after a few hiccups we were all out of there in just over 90 minutes. That's great teamwork, and forestcats and I appreciate how these folks do the job!

Once we got out of there, we stopped at Outback for dinner, and since forestcats had skipped lunch, she set to the meal with a will. The food was good, and we cleaned up our plates quickly.

Once home, I tried out a couple more Farscape, season one, episodes, and just maybe, it might be worth continuing. I'll keep on for a bit longer.