January 29th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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After yesterday's post, I gave up on another book. This was an alternate history novel by S. M. Stirling called The Peshawar Lancers in which during the mid-1800s or so, comets struck the Earth, devastating civilization, and the English migrated to India and other colonies to survive the "nuclear winter" that the impacts caused. I would have been more interested in the saga of how they overcame this problem, but the story was set a couple of generations farther on, and the flavor of the novel was steampunk-y. Not my cup of tea.

I barely managed to get done with work in time to get home for services just ahead of our Havurah. However, being on call, I was interrupted once or twice, so I didn't exactly lead the service. forestcats did a wonderful job of clean-up, and she made bread bowls and two different soups to fill them, along with serving her cheeses, and the challah that she can apparently make in her sleep, now.

After cleaning up most of what there was, I put on streaming for my wife. When her show was finished, I popped on a disc of ST:DS9 season six to finish the evening.

I'm going to be very busy today; she's going to go to the Santa Anita Race Track because there's not only horse racing today, but there's going to be a collection of food trucks to enjoy. I wish I was going, too, but I have my duties.