February 13th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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It took 24 hours, but finally AdAware finished its deep scan of my computer and all attached hard drives, with no malware. So now I'm replacing the anti-viral suite, and started its initial scan of the same, and the desktop computer is completely frozen while it's working. I'm logging on using my wife's laptop. *Sigh*.

Last night, I finished watching the last episode and some of the special features of season six of ST:DS9, and so once again Jadzia Dax is dead. Pity. I wonder what that was about...
Dead Dog Cat


Late yesterday evening, I finished reading another book. This was a story collection based on David Weber's Honor Harrington series, called In Fire Forged: Worlds of Honor #5. The stories presented were pretty good military SF/space opera. The longest tale was by Weber, and there's a technical chapter to finish it off, detailing some material about armoring warships in his "universe". If you like the Harrington books, this is a good follow-on. If not, avoid it.