March 31st, 2011

Dead Dog Cat


Earlier this week, I finished reading a book of essays by John McPhee called Silk Parachute. I've enjoyed most of McPhee's work, an eclectic body of material indeed. He writes well and deeply about a lot of non-fiction topics. This book includes a piece on the history of lacrosse in the US, the difficulties of long-exposure camera work, and the geology of the Dover cliffs, along with several others. Enthralling.
Dead Dog Cat

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I was pretty steamed, yesterday, when LiveJournal crashed in the middle of my session online; I got back to it for a little while later in the day, but then I was rushed, and I might have missed something that I would normally have read. I haven't spent any time hunting down any news about what was happening, but my imagination suggested that Libyan agents were crashing social networking sites to limit rebel use of them to coordinate their actions. Fantasy? Maybe...