April 6th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat


Halfway there...

Yesterday, I finished gobbling up the new Steven Brust novel, Tiassa, another of the Taltos novels. This one seemed to me to be several short stories tied loosely together. He used at various points his standard Taltos novel style interspersed with the style he put forth in The Phoenix Guards. I read this rapidly and enjoyed it, with my only irritation being that it's over, and now I have to wait a year or so for his next book.
Dead Dog Cat

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So brushette went into surgery really late last night to have her leg repaired from the torn ligament. We finally got a call at 11PM that they were finishing up, and that they'd made the necessary repairs. She's recovering now, and will probably be able to be picked up this afternoon.

Thereupon, we'll have to keep her kenneled for eight weeks, including the Carnivore's Feast. This will not sit well with the beagle, let me tell you! I can already hear her complaints, and she's not even home yet!

We must persevere lest this expensive surgical procedure be a failure. We cannot allow her majesty to break down our resolve.

Oh, boy...