May 23rd, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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Busy weekend...

We didn't end up going to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire on its closing day. Instead, forestcats asked to go to the LA Zoo for some research photography of their orangutans. That, after we'd confirmed that they actually HAD orangutans. We didn't expect much. For me, it'd been years, maybe decades since I'd last been to the LA Zoo. I didn't used to be impressed with the place. Over the years, though, they've put some effort and money into it, and it looks vastly better, and healthier for the animals, especially the new elephant area. Very nice. Anyway, we spent quite a while with the primates, and my spouse watched their motions carefully, to get a good idea of how they moved so when she makes her planned quilt, she'll have the orangutan posed appropriately.

Once we finished at the Zoo, I asked if we could stop at The Last Grenadier, to which she acquiesced. I picked up a couple of gaming items, and three Osprey books, to be read later this week.

Then, we went to Springbok, a South African-style sports bar/restaurant, and I enjoyed a good lamb curry.

Back at home, we were tapped out, so I just ran through several episodes of Top Gear until we dragged ourselves off to sleep.

The call schedule is in flux, so I don't know if I'm taking the beeper tonight or not. If not, maybe we'll catch a film tonight...
Dead Dog Cat

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Oh, and then sometime during the weekend, I managed to read this week's two comic books.

First was DMZ #65; I'm really not getting much out of this, at this point. I'm seriously thinking about dropping this book.

Second was Fables #105; I'm also not finding this storyline too stimulating. However, it looks like we're about to hit a climax that I think I can just barely see, so I'll let it go for another few issues.