June 11th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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Finally, last night, I was able to stop pensively awaiting the plaintive cry of the beeper. However, relaxation wasn't to be that easy, as a close relative who apparently doesn't want the whole world to know she's under the weather (and, no, it isn't forestcats) ended up in an ER in the Valley, and we've been hanging on the iPhones waiting for text updates from the one person allowed to be with her in the ER. Things are OK; she was admitted for observation and is likely to be out this afternoon.

We're going to have a very busy day, and we'll be traveling back and forth over the LA freeway system. Joy.
Dead Dog Cat

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Busy, busy, busy day.

We got out a little late to go to the birthday party for thechaim42; actually, he's had a series of birthday activities, which started with brunch at Cafe Cordiale, a very nice place in Sherman Oaks. We had good food and good conversation there.

Next, we went to Providence Tarzana Hospital to see my mother. She's since gotten home, thank goodness. The issue for which she was seen isn't exactly minor, but it's stable.

From there, we drove to thefreak's house, but they'd already left, and so we drove down to Costa Mesa to a LARP convention (WyrdCon? Sorry, I didn't get a chance to find it out) so we could do a Dungeonmaster episode. We got a number of viewers who wandered in, between other activities, and some pretty solidly fun players. Not a bad episode.

On the way home, we stopped at Portillo's, and the Italian beef sandwich went down very well.

forestcats is dozing, while BBC America is playing the opening episode to Battlestar Galactica, which makes more sense now that we've seen the ending, but I digress.

Not a restful day, but delightful, nonetheless.