July 9th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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Con activities:

PTerry isn't able to do the signing stuff anymore, so he has made pre-signed plates to stick into your book, and made a rubber stamp of his heraldry. Early yesterday, we got in line to have him give us our plate, and stamp any books we'd brought...in our case, Going Postal. I wore a tabard that forestcats made for me, with his arms on it, and he seemed delighted when I identified myself as his henchman.

We also browsed the hucksters' room, and went to the opening ceremonies; later was the showing of his BBC documentary, Choosing to Die about legal suicide in Switzerland; PTerry witnessed an Englishman committing suicide because of his motor neuron disease, and it was filmed. Sadness.

We also stepped out of the convention to wander over to the Wisconsin State Historical Museum, which I found to be surprisingly emotional for me, as there were so many familiar things there that reminded me of my childhood in Racine.

Dinner was at Old Fashioned, where they have 150 Wisconsin-brewed beers available, but only one cider. Still, it tasted good with the food.