August 9th, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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With forestcats out for the evening at a quilt club meeting, I spent my time while awaiting her plowing through the Netflix streaming list, trying to watch things I was certain she would be disinterested in. Apparently, in most of those cases, so was I.

I first put on Repo Man. I tolerated it for 8:22, and then dumped it.

Then, Natural Born Killers. 7:32, then off.

Next, Hebrew Hammer. I was eating leftover waterfowl, and my hands were covered in duck fat, so I let it run almost twelve minutes until I dumped that, too.


Finally, I put on Harry Brown. After watching it, I was bemused by the synchronicity of watching it just now, with the riots in England. I thought that it handled the vigilante picture in a new and interesting way.

Then, I put on an episode of Top Gear, and they finished the show with Jeremy driving a small agile SUV in the English countryside, painted like a fox, dragging a lure with fox aroma on it, and being chased by hunting dogs and riders on horseback. It was brilliantly shot, and I kept it queued up to show forestcats. Terrific!

And so the week continues...
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