September 29th, 2011

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So, we're in the midst of Rosh Hashana, and prayer goes on...

Baser instincts led us to eat after services last night at a new restaurant in Claremont. Mind you, it's been a standard in LA for a while, just new out here. I mean, new as in opened last month: Norm's. It ain't the Norm's that I recall from the dating scene in college. Considering that it'll be open 24 hours, and its competition is a lousy Denny's, I think it did quite well. Compared to a family-run, regular working hours place, not quite so good, but hey, that isn't a fair comparison, anyway.

I also forgot to comment on another place we've eaten at, recently, recommended by Al, our mechanic. It's Paradise Buffet, which now fills what used to be CompUSA in Montclair, and they have not only lots of reasonably good food, but they even have a Mongolian BBQ set-up. The cost was only $8.49, drinks extra. Not bad. For the price, the food quality was surprisingly good.
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Columbia launch

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I hear that the Chinese have launched their very own space station; none of this international nonsense. They'll be able to do whatever they like up there. It won't be long until it's manned. No matter that at its largest, it'll be less than a sixth the size of ISS.

It seems to me that the Chinese are following pretty close to Werner von Braun's playbook; get into space, build orbital infrastructure, and use that to expand into the Solar System. Too bad that the US forgot all that...
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