November 3rd, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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Lecture; food at the convention center (ick), then out for FREEDOM for the afternoon.

We buzzed around to a few shops, then stopped at the Warbird Air Museum in Kissimmee, FL. They have fewer aircraft than the air museum in Chino does, and the guys working there all knew exactly which air museum we meant when we mentioned the Planes of Fame in Chino, CA as they've flown WWII aircraft cross-country there for one reason or another. Still, they have good displays, and some interesting aircraft, including several Polish jet trainers (tiny cockpits!!!).

We stopped by Gatorland, but didn't go in. They've added a zip line since we were last there, and you can watch daredevils swoop across ponds full of hungry alligators. Not for the faint of heart.
Dead Dog Cat

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I'm going to have a bone to pick with a certain rince1wind. She urged me to try Rex Mundi a series of graphic novels. "Oh, you'll like them," she insisted.

Damn, she's right.

In our prowlings here in Florida, we came upon a comic shop (actually a chain thereby, called Coliseum of Comics) who apparently carried the set (or at least six books of it, if there's more. I haven't checked yet.).

I bought the first one yesterday afternoon.

I finished it this morning.

I bought the second one this afternoon. I'm a third of the way through right now.

You are going to roast for this, rince1wind. Oh, yes.
Dead Dog Cat

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To finish our evening, we stopped at Boston Lobster Feast on International Drive to have dinner. It's all-you-can-eat lobster and assorted other dishes buffet.

We put away five lobsters between us.

I expect abdominal distress after bedtime...therefore I'm not quick to bed tonight.

Oh, and because they have a near-limitless supply of lobster shells, their lobster bisque is outstanding!