December 22nd, 2011

Dead Dog Cat

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Let me open by saying that last night's leek soup was a delight, and it just shows how talented forestcats is. It also gave her the opportunity to use her new boat motor to terrific effect.

Let me also say that I understand and empathize with her frustration and irritation at what it took to get Verizon to replace the failed DVR, not to mention getting the new one up and running.

Yesterday, before I left for work, we pulled the DVR out of the system in the den, but we also pulled the TV box from the living room. Once the box was out, I reinstalled the PlayStation 2, to find that it WAS functional, but that the switching box that hooked both it and the Wii to the TV had failed. That was good news.

It appeared, last night, that I had a hard drive failure on the desktop computer, but as of this morning, everything is functioning normally again. I spent over an hour into the night, trying to get it all working, so it's a relief that it's fine now. OTOH, everything on that hard drive is backed up, so it wasn't a total loss, even if it had to be dumped.

Hanukkah candles were lit, last night, and that was a sweet ceremony in its own right.

There appears to be a couple of films to try to see in the next few days, which is amusing since when we were free to see as many as we wanted at the beginning of November, there weren't any we wanted to go see at a theater. I guess that's just how the dice roll.