January 3rd, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Once again, we watched the Rose Parade on KTLA, but since I worked yesterday, we DVRed it, and watched it when I got home. I was happy to once again see the son of a former patient on a float of his design, with his macaw, riding and waving. It helps connect me to this event. One of my patient's grandsons was marching with a band, and though I wouldn't have known him had I seen him, this, too, connected me with the parade. Finally, one of the doctors I work with was apparently there...he emailed me a phone camera photo as a band marched by. Nice...
Dead Dog Cat


Maybe I could have rushed this book to finish before the new year started, but I didn't.

The first book I finished reading in 2012 is the new Doonesbury book, Red Rascal's War. I know that my conservative friends disdain the works of Trudeau, but I like his tone. Starting from the beginning of his works, and reading in order of publication gives a feel for modern US and World history. I have and still do like these.