January 11th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Last evening, once home, and when forestcats got back from milking the cow, we stepped out to a newly-opened restaurant, Pho 365. It's very new...like six or eight weeks old, and while there, we found that the majority of diners were of Asian extraction, which we took as a good sign. The place smelled good, and was very clean. We ordered an appetizer, a pho each, and soft drinks that they make up fresh. Everything was tasty and the cost was delightfully low for what we got. We will be back.

We topped that off with frozen yoghurt from a shop in the same strip mall, and then once home, we put on The Borgias season one disc one from Netflix, and caught a couple of episodes.

Yesterday, I dumped a couple of books out of the stack. First was Outies, written by J. R. Pournelle, which goes back to Niven/Pournelle's world of The Mote in God's Eye. J.R. isn't Jerry, though, and the writing didn't engage me, so I moved on. The other book I stopped was The Eastern Stars: How Baseball Changed the Dominican Town of San Pedro de Macoris by Mark Kurlansky. I'm not much for baseball, and the topic really was covered fairly well by another book by the author that I read a couple of years back which was named (IIRC) A Continent of Islands. Again, just didn't spark my interest, and I set it aside.