January 19th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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With my wife out enjoying the open house at the Road to California Quilt Show, I went ahead and watched a Netflix disc movie, Green Lantern. I used to read a few of these comics from the early-, to mid-60s, but I haven't touched any such comic books for decades. I found myself amused by the film, but that's about all.

Somewhere on the Internet, I downloaded a file that is a copy of an intelligence assessment dated from about 1942, giving whatever information was available at the time about Japanese tanks and armored cars of the period. I skimmed it, as I wasn't all that much interested in the topic. I guess I was more interested in how they formatted it, and how they expressed the levels of uncertainty in the data presented. Interesting.

And so we move on...
Dead Dog Cat


I once again finished reading in the last two days, an ebook of Osprey Campaign #28: New Orleans 1815: Andrew Jackson Crushes the British. Filled with maps, and descriptions of the build-up to the battle, I found it a pretty good read on the subject.