February 9th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Finally, the work computer station is back in place, and I need to reinstall various programs, but while it continued to be out of commission, I finished reading a couple of books.

First was an ebook, Osprey New Vanguard #172: US Fast Battleships 1938 - 91: The Iowa Class, which ships were reactivated for a period of time by Ronald Reagan. Pretty good review of the vessels.

Second was Marching with Sharpe, which discusses life in the British army during a portion of the Napoleonic Wars, specifically the operations in the Iberian Peninsula. The book does a nice job of mixing descriptive text, photography of what appears to be either reinactors, or actors of the Sharpe series of shows, and quotes from books and letters of the period. Not bad at all.
Dead Dog Cat

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I got home at a reasonable hour last night, and was about to settle in for the evening, when my beloved gleefully informed me that one of our favorite food trucks, Komodo, was set up near our home (not ten miles, but maybe fifteen blocks!). We hurried over to the New Direction church parking lot on Holt just over the Pomona border, and there were four trucks parked. In addition to Komodo (where I got my dinner), there was Truck Norris, All American Gourmet Grill, and Grillin N Chillin. Apparently, the church is planning to do as some similar places are doing, and have such events weekly on Wednesdays. It's a lot easier to drive here instead of driving to Walnut, and if they continue to have a good selection of food, I foresee regular visits on our part.

They are ripping up the pavement on the street outside our house. I just moved my car out of the driveway to a spot a block away so I'll be able to go to work. *Sigh*.