February 22nd, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Here and there, I managed to read a few more books in the last several days.

First, ebookishly, I read Osprey Campaign #70: The Battle of Marengo 1800 which spells out well the political ramifications as well as the battle itself.

Then, again as an ebook, I read Osprey Campaign #90: Vimeiro 1808: Wellesley's First Victory in the Peninsular, which deals with the Napoleonic era and the British alliance with Portugal.

Finally, I read another of Bruce Alexander's mysteries set in pre-Revolutionary War England, this one being Jack, Knave and Fool which continues to be engaging to read.
Dead Dog Cat

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Our houseguest, rince1wind, has returned to the Frozen North (i.e. Evanston, IL), and I wish her the joy of the season. I gather that she had a fun time, but left so exhausted that she slept the whole flight back!

Once I got home, I put on a Netflix disc, this one being the first of the Gormenghast series. I tried reading the books in my youth, but couldn't get into them...I wonder if I could now?
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