March 6th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the last few days, I finished reading two books.

First was an ebook: Osprey Campaign #166: Assaye 1803: Wellington's First and 'Bloodiest' Victory. Napoleonic era, it goes into the build-up and background of this event fairly well.

Second was a graphic novel, Orcs: Forged for War. I'd heard a bit about this series of novels and comics, and thought I'd take a look. Pretty good, all said. The artwork was consistent, and the presentation was interesting. I may hunt up the first of the novels...someday...
Dead Dog Cat

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Approximately eighteen minutes ago, the water was shut off by the utility to do maintenance work on the system. Hopefully, it'll be back up to function by the time I'm home from work.

This, of course, threw my morning into disarray. Instead of wandering into the computer room to slowly work my way through the day's posts, I washed up first, to avoid surprises (like the hot water shutting off while I'm rinsing my hair in the shower, for example).

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, this is minor. Humanity has spent most of its existence lugging buckets of water from the well, so I think we'll survive a little while without modern plumbing systems.

Hopefully, this isn't setting the tone for the day...
Dead Dog Cat

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I was shocked, yesterday, when our LJ acquaintance, popfiend, posted the news that his wife had suddenly and unexpectedly died on Sunday. He is bereft, as you'd expect.

popfiend is a prolific poster on LJ, and he adds some valuable content to the material, often having websites or comics that inform or delight. He's often posted wonderful things about his relationship with his wife, and so although we've never met, because of his prose, we felt as though we'd known them well for a very long time. It's hit hard to hear this.

In the Jewish faith, the community gathers around the bereaved, and supports them during the initial week after their loss, and for about a year thereafter, they have special time in each religious service devoted to their mourning. Although we won't be able to cross the continent, our thoughts and prayers go out to the extended family, and we wish them the blessing of good memories.