March 15th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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The week to date has been very busy; lots at work, some in the evenings.

First night, when forestcats was at her quilt club meeting, I put on via Netflix streaming the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which was an engrossing film, very well-done. I also finished another disc of Generation Kill.

Later in the week, I got through the last episode of season six of ST:V, again, via streaming.

The biggest event started with my wife picking up squeakytina, and then the three of us driving to Santa Monica to catch the Cirque d'Soleil show Ovo. At this point, my wife and I have seen about five different Cirque shows (three touring, two in Vegas), and this is definitely in the top three. Maybe even the top two. The cast is costumed as if they were insects, and they try to imitate those mannerisms, as well. Apparently next month there'll be another Cirque show down in Del Mar, as well as the new permanent show, Iris, here in town, so we're spoiled for riches. We had a great time with squeakytina, and took her home thereafter.

Then there's Dungeonmaster this Sunday...
Dead Dog Cat

#50 and more

Over the last several days, I finished reading two more books.

First was a Harry Turtledove novel in is Crosstime Traffic series, called In High Places. A young woman working in a CT trading post is captured by slavers, and sold to another group who take her crosstime to another culture, and use her as slave labor. How she copes is the point of the novel. It's not a bad read, but others that I've read of this particular series were better.

The other book was Osprey Men-at-Arms #42: The King's German Legion, about the history of a unit of Germans who hale from an area where the British King has some political clout. They fought in the Napoleonic Wars and disbanded well after Germany became a nation. This was an older version of Osprey, and the quality of the plates wasn't as good as the series later became.