April 16th, 2012

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At one point or another this weekend, I managed to finish three books. One I started months ago, and just finished; two I read pretty quickly. They're all ebooks, but one I read on the iPhone.

First to finish was Osprey Men-at-Arms #436: The Scandanavian Baltic Crusades 1100 - 1500, which dealt with a subject about which I knew next to nothing. For that, it was interesting. Who knew how many crusades there actually were?

Second was the iPhone read; I started it months ago, and read it a bit here and a bit there all this time: Stephen Fry in America. It's the book form of the BBC TV show of the same name. I liked the show, I liked the book, and Stephen liked his trip to the US. It's definitely a pleasant read.

Latest was Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #54: Rumanian Aces of World War 2. This one had a few tiny facts that I hadn't known. First one that fascinated me was that Romania switched sides in 1944, turning against the Germans when the Soviet army was bearing down on them, so the Rumanian aces started shooting down German aircraft instead. The other odd thing is that their high command gave them credit for the kills based on the number of engines on the targets, so that if you shot down a multi-engined transport or bomber, you were closer to becoming an ace than if you shot down a single-engined fighter...odd. This book is primarily intended for a military modeler who wants to use certain models in a new paint job, IMHO. However, it was still a curious piece of work to read.
Dead Dog Cat

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I was up and out early yesterday, because I knew how much there was to do.

I had hospitals, nursing homes, and subacutes to do, and so I was on the way before 8:30AM, and I hurried.

When I was finished, I had to stop at Petsmart for the cats; I only had one can of wet food left, and I didn't feel like listening to them bitch at me in the morning.

Once home, I got into the yard, and started working on one thing or another; took out another load of trash or two from there, and swept and whatnot. Finally, the sun took its toll, and I had to rest.

My wife finished a costume (for two folks) for Dungeonmaster, and then off we went to the show.

It was chaos incarnate; puppetry galore. Goblins everywhere. And a dragon!

I now await the next script to review...

(Off to work. *Sigh*.)