April 30th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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So, yesterday opens with me barely conscious. The aches of the previous day were somewhat better, though my legs felt like a pair of tree trunks. As I got up and around, things improved a bit, but in all honesty, I took two naps before we got out of the house for the day.

I had done much of the clean-up work, with the aid of various friends (like Elst, Carole, themodeinliz, and axelicious, to name a few) on Saturday night as the party wound down, but there were still a few things yet to be finished. I did some of them. Some remain, but will get done today.

We finally got out of the house to run down to UCI Medical Center to visit with a friend who is recovering from a motorcycle accident in the ICU there. We sat with his wife and chatted a bit with her. He's one of my patients, as well as a friend, so I looked over all his tubes and medicines, and the data on the telemetry panel with great interest and intensity. He's got a long row to hoe to get to health...

We then left for Dungeonmaster. From the hospital, it was actually not a difficult trip up I-5, which was a relief. We didn't have time to grab dinner, though.

During the opening act, I was dragged down to be a target of the belly dancers' attention on stage; I hope I didn't detract from the lovelies dance. I escaped with my life, thank goodness. The DM show was pretty good; the party was reasonably skillful, and the party's guide did a very good job. I was glad to see her get a meaty role; I hope she enjoyed herself.

Since we hadn't eaten, we went out afterwards with some few folk to Denny's, simply because I had to eat something. After that, we didn't hang around; we went straight home. Often, post-show, we get home well after midnight; this time, it was well prior to midnight, and I went straight to bed.

This morning, though still a bit tired, and a little stiff, I feel like I can actually do my work, so I'll be off to the office soon.