May 3rd, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Quite the day, yesterday.

Work, of course; hospital before going home.

I dragged out the trash barrels that are nearly overflowing with garbage from the Carnivore's Feast for the weekly clearing.

Then, we were off to Rowland Heights for the weekly food truck event; once again, there were trucks that were expected that we couldn't turn down. We went because of Tabom and Komodo, but I ate at Slap Yo Mama (oyster po' boy sandwich) and Slammin' Sliders (a Kobe beef/bacon/cheddar cheese one and a lobster one), and then Be Sweet for dessert. Marvelous! We ran into folks we'd seen there last week, and had a nice chat as well.

I've cleaned out the local BevMo shops of all their available Sprecher Seasonal Red Apple Soda. I purchased one to try, and drank it before anyone showed up at the Carnivore's Feast. It was delicious, and so I headed to their stores last night. I have something like twenty bottles of the stuff, now, but I doubt that'll last more than a few weeks, especially as we both liked the taste of the soda.

Once we got home, I put on the Game of Thrones disc from Netflix, and we finished it. I'm still impressed by the production, though my wife doesn't think much of the costuming.

On to the day...