May 16th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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I managed to get home fairly early from work, yesterday, and while my beloved was out milking, I watched/listened to some of the lectures I'd downloaded from iTunes. I also multi-tasked, in that I was doing laundry at the same time. The first lecture was about Diocletian and other Roman emperors of the time, the second was some of the foundation information that the lecturer thought was the basic reason that English has become a significant world language. Thirdly, I tried to listen to a lecture on Hannibal from Stanford University, but I found it to be poor in comparison to the others. I mean, the professor opens up bragging that he was expecting to be called upon to work on a movie on the subject; how is that relevant to teaching the material? So I dumped that one after about an hour's investment (two hour lecture...).

Once she was back, and we'd had dinner, I put on the final Netflix disc of Game of Thrones season one. I have to confirm that I put season two on the list...this was very good.

No spoilers. That to folks out there who are discussing season two as the shows turn up on HBO, since we don't and won't get the premium channels.