May 21st, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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We eased into the day, yesterday, and were a bit late getting out, but we met up with themodeinliz, axelicious, Lorra, Stouty and Bradd at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in its present digs in Duarte. We've never been to Faire since it moved from Devore. While we strolled around, we ran into vampireanneke and her friends, Wendy and her friend, and Buddy and his girl friend. We chose to not go in costume, and even so the heat began to bother us in the early afternoon, and we left earlier than did our friends, having missed a bit of the Faire, including, apparently, food trucks!

Fatigued, we got home to meet with the Flors; Derek is recovering from his injuries, and it was good to see him out and about. He tired pretty rapidly, and they returned home. I did a few gardening actions, enough to fill the vegetation trash can, and then we rested the rest of the day.

Facebook did us one favor: it showed a series of photos by someone of the solar eclipse. This led us into the backyard, where our tree to the west acted as a series of pinholes, and we could see the eclipse on various pieces of furniture. Fascinating!

To complete our day, we ran through the remaining episodes of Downton Abbey. Nice characterizations. Oh, and they didn't stop WWI from happening.

I will work today. I may be slow, however.