June 6th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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I can now say that I've seen all the TV episodes of all the Star Trek franchises. That's something I started back when we got Netflix. I knew that I'd missed episodes of everything that wasn't original Trek, so I set the goal to work my way through all of them. It sped up quite a bit once they became available via streaming. That last year of Enterprise just didn't excite me, even though they tried to tie up all the loose ends from ST:TOS. No going back, now.

I also dumped a series of books by a guy last name DePrima. I was reading right along with him, and enjoying it mostly, until he enslaved the protagonist female, and started spending way too much verbiage in describing her tortures, and how she was degraded. Ew. Not my cup of tea. Even if she wins in the end, he was having too much fun with it to make me comfortable.

Back to work.