June 10th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Saturday was very busy.

We opened with a trip into West LA, and met up with the birthday celebration for thechaim42 at Junior's deli. Very good food, served well, good company, too.

From there, most everyone drove to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, a block away from the Memorial Colosseum. We wandered the galleries, viewing dinosaur exhibits, mammal exhibits, and gemstone exhibits until we closed the place.

We couldn't continue into the evening's festivities, due to equine feeding regimes, so we headed home to do that.

Once completed, we went back out, as forestcats had noted that the food truck, Slummin' Gourmet, was going to be in San Dimas, not too far away. We found them with three other trucks in a church parking lot, and had dinner.

And so it went...

JPL today!
Dead Dog Cat

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I finished another book, yesterday, before going out on the day's activities.

This was Osprey Warrior #133: SOE Agent: Churchill’s Secret Warriors, about the troops who parachuted into Nazi-occupied Europe, supplying and leading partisans into fighting the Germans to prepare for the Allied invasion. Their actions were brave and impressive, but I didn't find this book to be so impressive, unfortunately.