June 22nd, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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After a long day at work, and a quick nap, my spouse and I went rambling in the neighborhood, finally ending up in the parking lot of the NHRA Motorsports Museum, on the grounds of the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. Recently, Thursday evenings they've been having Food Truck events. The site has plenty of parking, a bunch of cement picnic tables, some of which have umbrellas for shade, and it's very pretty. These events apparently supplement the food trucks with some farmer's market-type booths, with things like produce, honey, baked goods, kettle corn, and beer. I ate from Crepes Bonaparte; there were five trucks present, and I've seen all but one elsewhere or tasted their wares. The only truck I'd never seen before had already run out of food before we got there, I'm afraid. The event appeared well-attended, but not to the point of severe lines. By the close of the evening, all but one truck ran out of food; I bet word-of-mouth among the purveyors will lead to more trucks as this event continues! We'll go again, though I doubt we'll go every week. Besides, this is closer to home than Rowland Heights...