June 24th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Over the last couple of days, I finished reading three books.

First was a sweet gift from my wife. During her trip, she found a book that she thought would be cute, called The Cloud Collector's Handbook, which is loaded with photo examples of various cloud morphologies, as well as a point system for siting them. As some might recall, I have an eye for aerial phenomena, and I've seen most of these cloud formations, but it's cool to see them in this format. Nice book; amusing.

Next was Osprey Elite #41: Elite Forces of India and Pakistan, which actually included Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the like as well. With respect to the two nations of the title, the book goes pretty deeply into the formations and history of various elite units. I found this also to be a pretty good read.

Finally, Osprey Warrior #127: Native American Cod Talker in World War II, a famous use of Native Americans during the war. They do mention the use of code talkers in WWI, as well; apparently it started with Choctaws in France back in that day. Interesting, though the plates were essentially useless.
Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday was pretty much devoted to a wedding.

Let's start with the good news that because she's been on enforced rest, forestcats is coughing less and sounding much better.

So we went to a wedding; twilyght's younger daughter was getting married in her mother's backyard. The reception was potluck, so my beloved made mushroom mousaka, and we delivered it in a crockpot that was to be our wedding present to the young couple.

It was nice to see her move on to her new life with her spouse. We seated ourselves, however, way in the back, in some of the few seats that were in shade through pretty much the whole event. Even so, we felt a bit worn out by the end.

Our table was the last to be directed to go through the buffet line; things were rather picked over by then, I'm afraid, so when it was all done, we had an excuse to get a meal at Portillo's in Buena Park (Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich; YUM!) before heading home. We took it easy for the rest of the evening.

Actually, we might just get away with a lazy day today; nothing is planned, and we both need the rest. We'll see how the day unfolds.