June 28th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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This is clearly going to be a week of graphic novels.

While sitting at the emergency vet clinic, I read Usagi Yojimbo #26: Traitors of the Earth. That's not the issue number of the comic book, that's the 26th volume of graphic novels. It amazes me to realize that Sakai has been writing and illustrating this comic for 28 years now. I still enjoy it for its artistry as well as the quality of the scripts. If you've never tried them, go back to the start; I'm pretty sure they're still in print.
Dead Dog Cat

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My work day was fairly good, yesterday.

Then I got home.

Ghost, one of our cats, was obviously straining to urinate, so I informed my spouse when she got home, and we were off to the emergency pet clinic to address the poor cat's discomfort.

He had a fever, but with some help he was finally able to empty his bladder.

Then, a stop for a few groceries.

Panic followed when my wife's iPhone turned out to be missing. It's now so reported. *Sigh*.

Hopefully, today will be better, though I have nursing home rounds to do.
Dead Dog Cat

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And then there was this call from my mother.

Turns out that my Dad's sister's second husband died today.

We haven't really been in touch all that much since Dad's death.

Still, it's a sadness.

I've lost three uncles (or great-uncles) since my father died; I've only got one left.

Time marches on...