July 13th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Due to my fatigue, and my spouse's lingering illness, we didn't get out of the house particularly early, but we did get some chores done. Then, instead of tooling down to Laguna Beach, we hung in Claremont Village, and had a nice visit at the Cheese Cave. It was a pleasant lunch, indeed.

A nap followed, then we drove into LA to have dinner at Animal. The restaurant, half a block north of Canter's, isn't marked; you have to know it's there, apparently. We arrived just after they opened, and subsequently had a delicious meal. They serve a bit more per plate than you'd get at a tapas place, but not full entrees, so they recommend four or five dishes between a couple. We ordered five (let's see if I can recall them all): burrata with tomatillo sauce; tandoori octopus; bone marrow with chimichurri; duck breast done up as if it were corned beef with cabbage; poutine with oxtail gravy. I liked or loved all of them, but forestcats didn't care too much for the duck breast dish. We followed that by dessert...mine was tres leches cake. Wow.

Home, we relaxed some more. I feel refreshed today.

And BTW, I got a couple more aloha shirts! Love 'em!