August 12th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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We had lots of company, yesterday, and had a fun time with Rolemaster. One of the players is off to graduate school, and won't be around for months, so she got a lot of roleplaying in. Nice time.

Once everyone was on their way home, forestcats and I sat in the hammock, facing north, and watched meteors. Due to light pollution, we didn't see all that many directly, but since dark vision is better on the periphery of the eyeball, I know I was "seeing" a number that didn't entirely register in my forward vision. OTOH, there were several noticeable meteors, with one especially starting from the east and heading northwest that left a smoke trail and was a greenish fireball. Very cool.

We're going to head in a beachy direction for the afternoon, but rather than fight for parking in the area, we'll be inland a ways. Just to get out of some of this heat.