August 18th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

World music essay when we studied pygmy music

Having reviewed the material about the Free Culture Movement, I find myself in a quandry. I would like to experience the cross-pollination that occurs with cultural interactions, but I can also see the point of those in the cultures sampled from that they deserve some acknowledgement, especially monetarily. I find myself fascinated by music that has been inspired by the styles of foreign lands. It exhilarates me; it does not bore me. On the other hand, I wish the artists of these lands to profit from their sharing. I can commiserate with them if they see Western musicians taking their work, especially if sampling, and profiting from it.

The Free Culture Movement's agenda is freedom of information generally available to society, but especially in view of the capabilities of infomation technology this would allow massive dissemination. Those who adhere to this philosophy see the cultural items of others, sounds being just a small section of what they offer, as raw material in itself and belonging to no one, simply to be used to whatever ends. Their intent is to stimulate hybrid forms, and to lead to new insights and new beauties. Herbie Hancock's piece of music would be an example of such a hybridization, and it did not benefit the pygmy from whom he got the inspiration.

Those opposed to Free Culture, in its many forms, feel that the raided cultures deserve payment, and deserve the option to stay diverse, separate and unalloyed with any form of Western contamination. They find collaborations to be no improvement over the original, and would prefer that the culture invaded be left alone to grow in its own way. At the very least, the artists whose works are emulated, in their eyes, should be fully compensated. However, a key difficulty is that the cultural exchange is just that, it's an exchange, and not only would funds pass to the group, but mores, icons, foodstuffs, habits and other behaviors not previously known in their society would work their way into their lives. The collaborative works of Baka Beyond would be a good example of hybridization, however in this case the mined culture's members did benefit to some degree in a remunerative sense, but all of these interactions with Westerners have changed the pygmy livestyle profoundly. It is this kind of contamination that the counter-Free Culture folk fear for the world's aboriginal cultures.

Thus, I am torn. I do love access to these musics. But I also realize that my opportunity to listen to it risks the peoples from whom it comes to be inundated with McDonalds and KFC.
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I was close to finishing a book, yesterday, so I went ahead and did, setting aside the homework assignment. The book was The Color of Death, a Sir John Fielding mystery novel, set in London before the Revolutionary War. Pretty good; the characters in this series are definitely growing, and some have left. It deals with a series of robberies of the rich by a group of black raiders, which is complicated by murders. It touches on the topic of slavery in British colonies, but in the end it was decades later before it was finally abolished in real history. I think the whole series, that I've read so far, is worth looking at.
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It's really hard to work with it so hot, here, in that I have to drive in a hot car from place to place; the car never really cools off enough to be comfortable, and not all of the facilities that I have to visit have reasonably functional air conditioning. So by the time I got home, I was pretty wiped out. Still, I had an essay to write for the Listening to World Music class. I think my beloved was also wiped out by the heat, because she recommended we go out to eat, and I readily agreed.

We stopped at Applebee's, primarily because we were too soggy/heated/fatigued to go farther afield, or wait for seating. We plopped down at the bar, had a drink (rum again, in my case), and ordered what turned out to be a solid meal. We then toddled off to Tutti Frutti for dessert, and then home for me to get my work done.

Since I wasn't running the TV (which I usually do, but I couldn't concentrate on writing with it on), my wife logged onto her computer, and started watching some educational videos to help her formulate her plans for our niece's Bat Mitzvah quilt. However, I found the sounds distracting and ran upstairs to get her a pair of headphones, which worked a charm. I have to thank her for being willing to put them on, it made a world of difference for me to get the essay done.

I stayed up too late, after posting it. Dumb.

We're off to have lunch later today at a pizza place in the city with friends; I don't think I'm in the mood to order a deep dish pizza, though, with our impending trip to Chicago on the horizon. It's Edwardo's or bust!