August 23rd, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Day's work done, I was able to persuade my senior associate to cover the beeper for a short time, while my spouse and I went to the theater in Claremont to see a showing of an independent, made-on-the-cheap film called Fat Kid Rules the World, which had in a key role a former Dungeonmaster actor and producer, Billy Campbell. I thought that the film (which is about a depressed and sad overweight kid coping with high school and serious family issues) was very good. Honestly, we went to see Campbell, who we recall from the Chicago days of the show, as well as the Santa Monica restart, but we were impressed overall. It's running now here and there, as they don't have a distribution contract, but I did see it listed on Netflix as an item expected to be on their list in the future. Watch for it!