August 30th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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Opening today is Chicon 7, the World Science Fiction Convention. Registration supposedly opened about an hour ago; we aren't really up yet. I'll be washing up and getting down there in a little while.

Mike Resnick, guest-of-honor; John Scalzi, toastmaster. I don't recall the others just now, but I'll have the materials in short order.

Dead Dog Cat

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Flying days are tiring.

I was feeling especially stressed, yesterday, because a good friend (Joe) had gotten reservations at a famed restaurant, The Girl and the Goat, but we had little time to get there upon landing at Midway Airport in Chicago.

forestcats had done a terrific job, landing us a non-stop flight from Ontario Airport to Midway on Southwest, so none of that ridiculous up-and-down elevator crap we've had to do with other destinations. I slept much of the way, and read a bit. Heck, I even puttered with a few of the games on my smart phone. We landed about two minutes early, which was encouraging.

OTOH, our baggage was among the last out, and the Groupon arrangements were ignored by the transport company. Still, the driver got us to the restaurant only a very few minutes later than our reservation.

The Girl and the Goat was wonderful. The food is essentially tapas-style, and we had a great selection of dishes. The company was good as well.

Afterwards, we got to the hotel quickly, and checked in as quickly.

And now, I must be off to registration...