September 9th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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After a slow start, yesterday, we wandered over to a very good local eatery and had a late breakfast, and from there we drove out to the Reid's getaway place in Seneca, where they own three vacation houses close together, so that they often host several friends or family and just get away into a nice woodsy place. Just after we arrived, two fawns were seen a short distance away, grazing amongst the trees. It was quiet, breezy, a lovely day. Our friends are proud of their place, with good reason. It's a wonderful hideaway, about forty minutes away from homw.

After a rest and soaking up of the ambiance, we returned to their home to sit and chat for several hours, until it was time to go to Isabella's to meet with the Higgins', and my wife's longtime friend Carli, who we rarely see (even when she was living in LA). We spent hours at the restaurant talking, telling tales, and the gang shared all kinds of remembrances. It was a real pleasure. Then, Carli had to go, and so the rest of us went to the Reid's and drank wine and chatted until well after midnight. Again, a pleasure.

We're packed. Flight leaves for Ontario, CA, in about four hours. I have to get off now, and pack up this laptop. Home soon to have brushette make much of us, and complain about where have we been!