October 12th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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So, we're back from San Diego.

I just didn't have the time to post about everything we were doing.

forestcats and I ran into several folks, including Gail, Tobi & Ron, Ken; I also ran into a number of other doctors that I work with in my area. She also made friends with a nice young doctor, new to the San Diego area; she was delightful to chat with, and we lunched with her.

Meals included Morton's, Roy's, King's and Rama, all very good.

I finished a few books; separate posting.

My eMatic ebook failed spectacularly, but I did manage to keep it together long enough to download everything off its hard drive, and copy the page data, not that that helped much in the end. We checked, and replacement of a new copy of same isn't possible anymore. Only a refurbished one. No thanks. So I bought a Nook Color Tablet 16Gig. The good is that it has a much clearer screen, easier to read. The bad? It doesn't use many of the file types the eMatic did, such as .txt, .pdb, .flv, and not all the .pdf files that I have. Irritating, to say the least.

Then, today, we stopped at what used to be called the San Diego Wild Animal Park, but now is known as the San Diego Safari Park. It's a beautiful place, and wasn't overfull with visitors. OTOH, much of the park was closed. We had a good time, even though rain and lightning added to the fun. Our drive from there home was made more exciting by hail, lightning, rainbows and intermittent rain.

Nice to be home.
Dead Dog Cat

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While I was away, I found time here and there to finish several books.

First was Osprey Weapon #10: The Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle. It's a detailed work on a weapon that was used in a variety of wars throughout the Victorian era. I found the book fairly interesting, in that I've read a lot about that time period, in fiction and history.

Second was Osprey Warrior #150: Carthaginian Warrior 264 – 146 BC, which was very detailed considering that the Romans knocked out their culture. I found it a worthy piece.

Then, there was Jewish Lives: Hank Greenberg: The Hero Who Didn’t Want to Be One. I read this book primarily because of the author, Mark Kurlansky, whose work I generally like, and this book was an easy read, and did a good job of describing the times of Greenberg's successes. If you're a baseball fan, this might be especially good to read.

Finally, this morning, I finished reading Osprey Campaign #103: Hampton Roads 1862: First Clash of the Ironclads, one of the battles of the Civil War that hinted at the technological advances that were going to change war into the 20th Century. Not a bad read.

Clearly, now that my classes are over online, I'm off to the races with respect to reading!