October 15th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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I worked yesterday, but not as much as I could have, so that I was available to do my duty at Dungeonmaster. The show took place again in North Hollywood, and I'm not sure when (or if!) we'll get back to the theater in Hollywood, so it will have to continue in place. Many scenes in last night's show were hilarious, but if you didn't have some vague idea about Game of Thrones, or, at least, Game of Thrones, the point might have been lost.

Denny's in the area missed out on some 20 covers...a 24-hour establishment shouldn't be closed for "routine" maintenance, they should work around the customers. Anyway, having not eaten all day (a meal; I had a snack here and there), we had to stop for something, and Norm's, being another 24-hour place, was just fine.

There's going to be loads of work this week, and we're still settling into the EMR system, though I was doing well with it Saturday. Maybe we'll start faxing prescriptions directly to the pharmacies today? Maybe not?