October 28th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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I've posted in the past about standing in front of a nursing home to see a small flock of parakeets flying near the place, amongst the trees.

Well, today as I was leaving the same place, I recognized their calls. However, the volume was much increased; I thought that maybe they were on the roof.


Over a hundred green birds with yellow bills and red markings on their heads were hanging on the local trees, and flying off in batches to the east.

I stood there stunned watching them at it for about fifteen minutes. They were beautiful in coloration, but a little awkward in flight. Still, it amazed me that whenever they landed in a tree, they practially disappeared, except for the flash of red on their heads.


This evening!!!

Dungeonmaster today, in a new venue, with PARKING! Little Victory Theater, 3324 W. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505 is the address; come and see the show!
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