November 1st, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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I managed to finish my evening's work and get home in good time, just as the first trick-or-treaters were appearing. I did a couple of chores, changed out of work clothes, and hung out with forestcats as the kids started coming. We got 122 visits, though apparently four kids liked what were we serving enough to come back for seconds. brushette got to stay in the house, and behaved rather well, while the other two dogs were banished to the back yard, as they would have frightened the little ones.

When it was all over, I took a look at our Netflix streaming list, and put on something a bit Halloweenish: Super 8. We liked it. Kids taking movies, trying to enter a homemade movie contest, get involved in a train derailment, and something escapes. It's worth a look.