November 11th, 2012

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My posting has been spotty, of late, but that's primarily that I've been concentrating on work, as we are much busier at present, and have had little to chat about.

Yesterday, though, was busy in a different way.

For starters, I got a lot of routine maintenance done on the desktop computer. It's slow overall, but it still has the best graphics card of all of our computers, so I try to keep it functioning.

Then, when forestcats came back from the milk share meeting, we went out and caught a matinée of Skyfall. I've been going to Bond films since I could drive, and before I ever saw any, I used to collect Bond movie bubblegum cards, though they are lost to time. My all-time favorite film of the series was You Only Live Twice; still is, but this one is a close second. My favorite actor playing Bond was Connery, Craig is now second but threatening to unseat the veteran. Dalton was in third place, severely hampered by the horrible scripts for his movies. Anyway, the film is worth seeing.

Once home, it was time to start my Thanksgiving cooking. I have two dishes to make. First, I make well in advance my spiced pecans; the first batch is done, and I'll make at least one more today. The last day or so before the dinner, I'll make curried fruit for a side dish at the meal. We will be having Orphan's Thanksgiving at our home again this year.

While the cooking proceeded, we burned through two Netflix discs: one from season four of The Mentalist, and one from season two of Treme. Good stuff.

More cooking today. Hopefully some reading, some napping.
Dead Dog Cat

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Members of our family have served in the armed forces of the United States. We have friends who've done so as well. Many of my patients fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf I, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Thank you, one and all, for your sacrifice and service to our country.