December 26th, 2012

Dead Dog Cat

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I worked, yesterday, rounding at several hospitals as well as a subacute facility, and getting home was a real pleasure as we had company. thechaim42 and his wife, Suzanne, came over to hang for a few hours. We had a good meal with them, chatted, and then watched some Alton Brown because they'd never seen him, and played Butter, which had been given as a gift to forestcats by someone. Very funny picture.

After they'd gone for the evening, we put on and finished watching Treme; I'd already finished it, but my beloved had fallen asleep the first time round, and the show is good enough that I willingly watched the episodes again. Wow. Can't wait to spend some time in NOLA in January.

Back to the work week...not like I left it, anyway.
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