March 4th, 2013


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Yesterday was essentially devoted to Dungeonmaster. My beloved spent much of the morning finishing the centaur and dog costumes for the day's play, while I loaded the truck (and ran out to Target and the party store for important supplies).

Once we got to the space, I was near struck dumb by it! It's a huge venue. There's a whole section that was set aside, devoted to our pub and a few other entertainments. In addition, Micah the Magician hung out and did some card tricks; Spencer juggled in mime face; Jamie did massage; there was a tarot card reader as well. Great fun for a hour before showtime!

The show itself went well. The cast needs to learn the space a bit better, but that will come with experience. We'll have to prompt the party to speak up; it's hard to fill that room with sound. OTOH, the folks on stage had a lot of fun with it. I'm excited to do the second show in two weeks.

In addition, the building has a small sandwich shop attached; they're usually closed on Sundays, but they actually opened for cast/crew to get a couple of bites, and the sandwich quality was quite high. I intend to support them, the way they are supporting us!

And now, to the work week. It'll be a long day today...
Dead Dog Cat


And the Osprey books keep on coming:

Yesterday, I finished reading Osprey Raid #8: The Cockleshell Raid: Bordeaux 1942 which detailed a commando raid up a river in Occupied France in WWII. It wasn't a piece of history that I'd known much of anything about, so I enjoyed it.