March 11th, 2013

Dead Dog Cat


I got my hands on the newest David Weber novel from the Honor Harrington universe of space opera novels, this one called Shadow of Freedom, and finished it today.

They are just so readable!

Mind you, the space combat reads like math problems. A vast proportion of the book is devoted to people talking in meetings.

Still, I found it a book I couldn't put down easily.

I'm fairly certain that the first novel of the series, On Basilisk Station is available for free download at the Baen website, if you're thinking of giving the books a try...
Dead Dog Cat

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You know, with Netflix and others filming materials going straight to streaming web content (like Lillehammer and House of Cards), I have to think that they might be open to folks pressing for certain series to be reopened for further tales.

Which would you want?

Fatigue limits which I thought of, but they include:


Maybe even Deadwood

What do you think?