May 21st, 2013

Dead Dog Cat

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Amazingly enough, we got out last night to take in a film, and it was Star Trek Into Darkness. I can say the following without getting into spoilers. Any comments, I can't guarantee won't be filled with spoilers, so anyone planning on going and enjoying the various surprises best shouldn't read them.

Don't overthink this. There's loads of gaping plot holes and a lack of logic. What makes this movie fun, and I do feel it IS fun, is that it just doesn't let up. Not for a minute. There are a number of tidbits built in to titillate the long-time fan, including classic lines given in surprising ways. I do feel it's worth seeing. Oh, and we saw it 2D. There's lots of places where the film has things flying by, and I suppose that would look cool in 3D, but it doesn't really add all that much to the film, IMHO.

So? Go see it. Tell me what you think.