July 1st, 2013

Dead Dog Cat

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Last night was the Classic Dungeonmaster show at The Vortex, the theater we've been using for the last season, and it appears it'll be where we'll be for the time being. Nice space, and we can do anything with it. Anyhow, I rushed as fast as I could to finish my work, and then had to grill (again with the 100 degree weather!!!) to prepare a meal for the cast. We brought carne asada with rice, salsa and tortillas for them, and arrived in good time to do our jobs pre-show.

The show itself was joyous pandemonium in typical Dungeonmaster fashion. Lots of folks from the old days showed up; some old cast members participated (such as the Chapins, Dan Sandoval, and of course Bruce Young). Great fun. I hope we can do it all sometime again...