July 7th, 2013

Dead Dog Cat

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Yesterday, after getting some of the lesser homework done for the Archaeology class from Coursera, we went to a BBQ hosted by Dan Sandoval's parents in honor of his return home from China. Good food, pleasant day, good conversation...it was nice hanging with Dan and his girlfriend.

Home, we burned through some Veronica Mars season three. I'll discuss this when we've finished the season. Then, I streamed (via Netflix) 56 Up, the continuing series of documentaries about a group of no-longer-kids in Britain, several of whom are no longer in Britain. This one really showed the prejudices of the documentarians; it's clear that they'd thought that there would be gross and obvious class differences, and it was obvious that they had viewed that the boys would be more interesting than the girls. In the end, the people had often done quite well for themselves and their families. Good for them! 'Course, I watch these realizing that the whole crowd of them are my contemporaries, the only difference being national origin. If you want to check these out, start with 7 Up. They then are released at seven year intervals.