August 4th, 2013

Dead Dog Cat

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Just to give an idea how kludgey my desktop computer has become, here's the latest books I've read, only the first of which I didn't finish sitting right here in front of the monitor:

First was The Mystery Knight. It's not quite as good as the other Dunk & Egg stories, but it's still good, and worth reading. Again, a wandering knight and his squire come upon some trouble, and mess it up for the bad guys. That's the simple plotline.

Next was Osprey Men-at-Arms #3: 30th Punjabis, not bad. Why this regiment, though?

Then Osprey Men-at-Arms #35; Wellington’s Peninsular Army; Osprey goes back to this army again and again. Heck, this war is the source of many miniature armies because of the stunning uniforms. This book gives some general background of how this particular force was organized.

Next, Osprey Men-at-Arms #47: The South Wales Borderers famed for the defense of Rorke's Drift in the Zulu Wars. Sad ending, though, as the British Army shrank in the latter part of the Twentieth Century, lots of famous regiments disappeared, swallowed up in reorganizations. This one, two; it's part of the Royal Welsh Regiment.

Finally, for the moment, Osprey Men-at-Arms #52: The Royal Green Jackets; riflemen in an era of muskets. Better accuracy but slower rate of fire.
Dead Dog Cat

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Busy day for a day off, yesterday.

We open the morning with a panicked search for my beloved's keys; when we couldn't find them, I drove her to her meeting at Amy's Farm for the cow-share.

Then, I went back, fed the equines, and went to the mechanic's for some routine and minor repairs on the car. By the time that was done, and he'd shown off the unusual fruit trees that were growing around his shop, forestcats had gotten back home, and so we met up.

From there, we got a lunch of sushi in Rowland Heights at a revolving sushi bar (very good), and then went to Bradd's place to help with inventory and repacking of Dungeonmaster's costumes and props. We followed that with a story meeting for next season. All of the authors were there. We needed this to better integrate the various stories into an overall arc. I mostly sat on the sidelines during the meeting, but occasionally I made suggestions. Some may turn up in the scripts, others sparked different thoughts in the writers. I can't wait to see these scripts, hopefully soon, so we can start production on costumes and props for the specific episodes!

En route home, we caught a quick meal at IHOP, and then pretty much that was it for the night.

Odds & ends today, I think. Little things to get done that are time-consuming but necessary.